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Attractions in Sikar

Location of Sikar, Climate of Sikar, Attractions in Sikar

Location of Sikar :

The District of Sikar is situated in Rajasthan State of Northwestern India. It is 7742.44 Sq. Km. in area. It is surrounded by District Jhunjhunu on the North, District Jaipur on the East, Southeast, South, District Nagaur on the South and Southwest, District Churu on the Northwest and West and State of Haryana on the Northeast. The City of Sikar is the headquarter of this District.

The earlier name of Sikar was ‘Beer Bhan Ka Bass’. In order of mitigate the enmity on account of the murder of Daulat Singh’s father Jaswant Singh, Bahadur Singh, the Raja of Khandela gifted the village to Daulat Singh. He laid down the foundation stone of a Fort on the raised ground of this village. Later on, his son Shiv Singh built a magnificent fort on it. Shiv Singh was the most prominent Rao Raja of Sikar. He developed the village into a beautiful town. It is surrounded by a strong and high boundary wall having seven gates.

This District has been divided into 6 Tehsils, 1 Additional Tehsil and 2 Sub-Tehsils -

Tehsils - Sikar, Fatehpur, Laxmangarh, Shri Madhopur, Neem Ka Thana, Danta Ramgarh

Additional Tehsil - Ramgarh (Shekhawati)

Sub-Tehsils - Khandela, Palsana

Climate of Sikar :

The Climate of this District is quite dry with four main Seasons -

  • Summer - From March to June when maximum temperature rises to 48oC, while average temperature remains around 35oC. The Month of June is the hottest one.
  • Monsoon - From July to Mid-September with average annual rainfall of 460 mm and temperature of 30oC.
  • Post Monsoon - From Mid-September to October end when average temperature remains around 25oC.
  • Winters - From November to February when minimum temperature falls to around 1oC, while average Day temperature remains around 20oC. The Month of January is the coldest one.

How to reach Sikar

Hotels in Sikar

Attractions in Sikar :

Temples in Sikar :

Khatushyam Ji Temple

Jeen Mataji Temple

Harsh Nath Temple

Shakambhari Mata Temple

Raiwasa Dham

Forts in Sikar :

Laxmangarh Fort

Raghunathgarh Fort

Sikar Fort

Other Attractions in Sikar :

Government Museum, Sikar

Jublee Hall, Sikar

Clock Tower, Sikar

Ganeshwar and Baleshwar